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It’s not every day I hear a guest judge on a reality television show—a show based on critiquing innovative ideas—was inspired to action by a proposal I wrote. As a copy editor and content writer, the feedback I received from this particular client was especially important as this person easily identified what I do best. What did they say?

“This took diligence and persistence.” 
When writing copy for a variety of audiences in many different styles, I’m not afraid to put in research time, clarification time, and extensive editing. If there is an error, I find it. Other writers come to me frequently to polish their pieces for publication and the CEO of my current firm entrusts all top-tier client proposals to me alone.

“The level of detail is amazing.”
I am in love with details. Should you use a comma or semicolon? Is it email or e-mail? My love for detail means I deliver impeccable work product that is also 100% error-free. Did the question about the hyphen in “e-mail” make you think? It might interest you to know as per AP style guidelines, it became accepted without the hyphen in 2011. Yes, these are a few of my favorite things.

“The proposal addressed every one of my concerns.”
When I craft a proposal, take on a new project, or write an article, I consider the needs of who I’m working for. I learned basic Python coding because this was the best way to deliver service at the speed of client demand. I conduct massive amounts of research and compile customized reports that not only impress clients but empower them to take control of their digital presence. 

As an SEO and communications specialist, I’m always looking for that next interesting project. Do you need someone with an eye for detail who writes compelling error-free copy while addressing client needs?

I’d love to hear about your project and share how I might help!